ISIS has many different programs supporting Government Assisted Refugeessettling in Halifax:

  • Resettlement Assistance
  • Life Skills Link
  • Immigrant Health
Resettlement Assistance

ISIS staff welcome you at the airport, help you move into the temporary accommodation, and assist you with immediate needs.

Then the Resettlement Assistance Counsellor provides support for:

  • finding and moving into first apartment (examples: apartment application process,  Tenancy Act and apartment living)
  • banking and budgeting
  • Resettlement Assistance Program (financial support)
  • household and grocery shopping
  • health
  • referral to some internal and external services and program (English Language test, Interim Federal Health)

Settlement Counsellor continues to provide services over the next two years.

Life Skills Link

This program is offered to Government Assisted Refugees in the first few months of living in Halifax. Life Skills Link will help you settle into your new home and community, by matching you with someone who:

  • is from the same country or area of the world
  • understands where you are coming from
  • can help you understand the different ways of life in Canada
  • is also an immigrant to Canada
  • has had 15-20 hours of training with ISIS
  • speaks your first  (or second) language
  • can work with you in that language once you move to your new home
  • can help you learn in a way that works for you
  • give you lots of support and guidance so you feel confident doing things that seems very new now.
  • can act as a ”bridge” between the skills that you bring with you and many new skills that you will need to learn to live in this new place
For more information on Life Skills Link contact:
Immigrant Health

The Immigrant Health program supports Government Assisted Refugees in accessing health services by providing  supports for:

  • access to health information
  • communication with service providers
  • health related services and programs
  • Interim Federal Health Program
  • medical and prescription coverage
  • mental health
  • patient rights and responsibilities
  • understanding the Canadian health care system

In addition, the Immigrant Health Program works closely with health service providers to build better access to culturally sensitive services for immigrants.